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What To Do When Things Go Wrong With Your Roof

A roofing problem is probably the last thing on your list of stuff that you ever want to deal with. After all, they can be expensive and even lead to serious damage in other parts of your home too. So, what do you do when something goes wrong?

#1 Assess The Damage
The first thing you probably want to do is just forget it ever happened, but it’s essential that you get to work assessing the roofing damage right away. Waiting out the matter will only cause things to get worse, and that can make an expensive problem turn even costlier.

After a severe storm or something else has caused damage to your roof, approximate the damage. This will help you discuss the issue with both your insurance company and a contractor. Being up-front about what you know and see with the contractor will help you avoid unforeseen costs.

The only reason why you should wait is if it’s the middle of the night. Daylight will be your best friend when assessing damage and getting a full view of the problem. Grabbing a pair of binoculars will help you take a closer look. Estimate the general square footage that the damage covers and write down specific details about the damage. How severe is it? Are there areas of missing shingles or just some random ones that came off?

#2 Minimize The Damage
By making temporary fixes, like putting a bucket under a leak, you’re able to minimize the damage caused by your roof’s damage. You should also consider a tarp to cover any holes or bare spots on your roof, if it’s safe to get up there and put one down. Also, remove any valuables from the area until the roofing problem is fixed.

#3 Contact Your Insurance Company
If the damage is large enough to be covered by your home insurance, contact your insurance company and let them know about it. Make sure to pass along all of the details you have collected. However, sometimes, it will be more economical to hire a contractor yourself to handle the repairs.

But, if a natural disaster is to blame and a large residential area has been hit, most contractors will be so busy with claims that you’ll want to contact your insurance company to get it fixed soon.

#4 Find A Contractor
Does your roof problem require a professional’s input? It might be time to contact a reliable contractor for yourself.

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